The new beginning. Again.

The new beginning. Again.

2020. What the future holds?

I’m Dawid Wnukowski. Entrepreneur. Mobile indie developer. Flutter freelancer.
This post is about me, my current situation and plans for 2020.


Last year I quitted my day job to focus on building my own apps and games. Earn living with apps isn’t that easy so I decided to find a part-time freelance job. It was a great experience! I had the pleasure to work with amazing developers. But still, I needed more time and… energy. I do a lot of things and maybe this is the problem but I would like to keep it that way. So here, almost one year later, in coronavirus times, I put back my main source of revenue and I’m looking forward to what future I’ll build for me and my family.

Next 7 days

In short – I want to finish some last tasks in the current contract. I want to say goodbye to the great people that I met. Then… I want to rest, 2-3 days. Spending time with my wife and playing games probably. I really need it.


Here I want to point, what will be my focus for at least the next half year.

  1. I’ll finish creating a programming course. From some time already I’m slowly writing scripts for the Dart course. Dart is used by Flutter – excellent ‚Google’s UI toolkit’ for building (mostly) mobile apps. It will be available in the Polish language only at the beginning at least. I should be able to finish it in two months, but I’ll probably need more time to grow my brand a bit, first.
  2. (Finally!) I’ll develop the next mobile apps and (maybe) games. I’m so much better as a developer now. In April I’ll mostly focus on generating ideas. I also need to decide if I want to build a small app every month or rather build a bit bigger, more polished app.
  3. I still have another side freelance project to do. The good thing is that it shouldn’t be very time-consuming. I plan to spend between 40-60h per month.
  4. Social media. Yes! That’s very important for me to learn how to build the brand. I already have own websites/blogs: (ENG) and (PL) I definitely need to rebuild the ENG version of the site.
  5. Learn Japanese. My wife is crazy about Japan, we planned to make out first abroad trip ever (yes, to Japan) this year, but guess what? … *!&#. I’ll be lucky if I  reclaim money spent on tickets and Airbnb… If not then the trip won’t happen in near few years… I’m a very optimistic and happy person but this virus… really destroyed something inside me.
  6. Streaming. I love the games. I already started streaming from PS4, smartphone, and PC.
  7. I want to go deeper into the cryptocurrency world. Over 2 years ago I started to be interested in the cryptocurrency world. I even invested a bit and almost earned something, but I was stupid enough to keep everything in a stock exchange. Well, it went very badly. But now I want to learn about cryptocurrencies more. Bitcoin, Eos, Hive (Steem).
  8. I’ll work on my work-life balance and rest more.

This is only a beginning.

I hope I’ll now find enough time for those things.

I hope that I’ll build my brand and awareness on the web.

I hope that I’ll be able to earn living from my products soon.

I hope that me and my wife… will finally visit Japan.

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