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How to stream from PS4 to multiple sources + read chats comments

Stream to many platforms from your PS4 without remote play!

From some time already I knew that streaming to multiple platforms is possible… for PC. Fortunately, I discovered that it is possible for PS4 as well! No, I don’t want to use remote play. Too much trouble with it, really. 

Stream screen

Firstly, you have to create an account on 
Then choose Twitch as your input (main) stream. It has to be Twitch if we talk about PS4. 
Output streams are additional streams. You can add only one in free version sadly, but unlimited streams cost no that much – £5. I don’t have an affiliate link sadly 😉 


Chat and comments

Ok, streaming for multiple sources should work already, but what about comments? Well, you will see only Twitch comments, unless you do what I told you to do:

  • Create an account on
  • Go to ‚Multistreaming’ tab and add channels – same as on the
  • Go to ‚Chat’ tab
  • On the right, down corner press ‚Settings’ and the ‚Bot’
  • Enable ‚Relay mode’ – it will set up a bot that will forward comments so all users on every platform will see every comment. That’s awesome and it’s 100% free this time!
  • Go to the ‚Chat’ tab – here you can read and write comments on every platform. 

Let’s go back to the PS4 

Now, you have to launch a game on your PS4. Then press ‚share button’ on your gamepad. Then broadcast gameplay to twitch. It’s pretty straightforward. 

You twitch stream should work right now. Go again to the and ‚Start all’ output streams. 

Great, if you did everything correctly you can now stream PS4 games for as many platforms as you want and see all the comments via restream website. 

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