Dawid Wnukowski. Przedsiębiorca. Programista Flutter - aplikacje mobilne.

My name is Dawid Wnukowski. I like to name myself entrepreneur but in reality, I’m just an unsuccessful indie developer 🙂 I mostly focus on creating mobile games and apps. Maybe one day I will be able to make a living from it.

I’m also a programmer with broad knowledge. To build my apps and games I use Flutter with Dart and Unity. I have also commercial experience with Kotlin (Android Development) and before that, I was a Java Developer (backend). 

In “free time” (does “free time” even exist?) I like to train Crossfit (or just go to the gym) and play games, especially on PS4 <3 

Feel free to contact me. I like to receive emails from users of my apps 🙂 
email: [email protected]