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5 advantages of being a software developer

Pros of working as a programmer

In this article, I want to share with you my thoughts about the advantages of being a software developer and working for a company. Bear in mind that this is subjective and it’s possible to easily find even more positives. 
I’m more like an indie developer or freelancer at this moment but still, I have few years of experience working in the IT industry as a Java Developer at the beginning and then I have also worked as Android Developer. I hope it will help somebody to decide if they should continue learning software development. 
// The article about the cons is being prepared.

Let’s start then.

1. Constant learning and challenges

In the IT industry, software developers have to learn all the time. Problems are usually complex and even experienced programmers can always find something to learn. It’s also difficult to get bored because new challenges are in every corner. Of course, there are also less challenging tasks, so don’t worry, it’s possible to take a break sometimes 🙂
Anyway: your mind will stay sharp for a long time so if you like to learn new stuff, coding can be ideal for you. 

2. People in the IT industry are great

Being a software developer requires teamwork. They often participate in the meetings and share information about current work. Cooperation is also the key to making high-quality solutions for complex problems. Developers have also cooperate with others, like designers, testers, managers and even clients. What’s most important here: people in the industry are usually awesome. Really. They are ambitious and clever. Most of them at least.

3. High rate pay

Programmers are in high demand all the time. It means that pay rates are usually really high and they can get additional benefits like free gym pass, or free pizza every Friday. It rather won’t change in the near future.
But please don’t get me wrong – it’s not that easy to become a programmer and getting the first job can be challenging as well, but when you have 1-2 years of experience… you are in a great position and you should easily find a new job whenever you want with high rate pay.

4. Satisfaction

I know that I talked about challenges above but this feeling when you accomplish something, the code looks great and other programmers gather near you so you can tell them how you did it… It’s great and deserves own point. Sometimes it means that you have worked on one thing 3 days in a row but when you finish it… you know it was worth it.

5. Remote work

It depends on the company, but usually, developers can work from home at least 1 day in a week if they want to and even more if they need to. They still have meetings working remotely so it’s important to have a camera and headphones with a microphone. Of course, every company policy is different, but in rare cases, you can even find a fully remote job. 

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