Entrepreneur. Flutter expert. Indie game developer. 

About me

Hi, my name is Dawid Wnukowski. I’m an entrepreneur, experienced Flutter programmer, and indie game developer.

I create and publish mobile apps and 2d games for my clients and myself as well. As a contractor, I want to build long-term relationships with people I work with, build trust and share my knowledge about mobile applications. I can help not only with programming but also with creating an efficient Scrumban (Kanban + Scrum) workflow for teams, ASO, and finding creative solutions for problems.

I’m, ambitious and l love improving myself in many directions. I have general knowledge about a lot of things, but my main expertise is (mentioned) Flutter.

I’m interested in games, especially on the PlayStation. I also train CrossFit a bit. I learn to play guitar, I learn game design 🙂 I would like to find some time to continue learning Japanese, but I’m a father since 2021, so… time is a precious resource for me 🙂 

As an introvert, I highly prefer to work in smaller teams, focusing more on listening and observing instead of talking if I don’t have to 😉

Besides working for others I also try to succeed as an independent developer, creating and publishing small apps and games on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. I also have some experience publishing apps on Amazon App Store and Huawei App Gallery.
Additionally, I created 2 programming courses and published them on Udemy. Unfortunately, they are deprecated right now.